Bluetooth Driver Installer Beta (32 bit)

Enables wireless compatibility for most devices outfitted with proper hardware

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    Beta (32 bit)

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Bluetooth Driver Installer is a free utility program that can be installed so that you can connect your Bluetooth adapters to your computer. The file is a generic Microsoft driver that patches the file that can cause the Bluetooth adapter on your computer to not work properly.

The Bluetooth Driver Installer works for most Bluetooth adapters including USB dongles and built-in devices. However, there are some adapters that the software does not support. You can check the list of known devices that the software supports before you decide to download this small freeware utility. The latest version of Bluetooth Driver Installer is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, it may not work on all computers depending on other factors.

The Bluetooth Driver Installer is also very easy to download and install, and it is very easy to use once it is installed on your computer. First, you will want to uninstall the current Bluetooth stack that is on your computer from the driver software that came with the Bluetooth adapter. You will then want to restart your computer and click cancel when Windows asks you for the driver. Then you will want to run the Bluetooth Driver Installer .exe file and follow the directions that are given in the installation wizard.

After the program is downloaded, you should be able to correctly use the installer to connect your Bluetooth devices. However, lots of Bluetooth applications require specific Bluetooth stacks, and you may need to also download the Bluetooth Stack Switcher to quickly switch between the multiple installed stacks.

Bluetooth Driver Installer will also create a restore point on your computer before it makes any changes to your system. This will allow you to restore your computer back to the way it was before if the Bluetooth Driver Installer creates any problems after it was installed onto your computer. Restoring the computer to a previous state can be done by going into the Windows System Restore feature on your computer.

Bluetooth Driver Installer can help you if you are having problems with Bluetooth adapters on your Windows computer. The easy-to-install software will work even if your current installed driver does not work. You will be able to get your devices working, while being able to keep your computer safe from any problems that may be caused during the installation process. The software is also easy to remove from your computer if it does not help to solve your problems.


  • The software is easy to download
  • Small file will save space on your computer
  • Creates a restore point before making changes in case it causes problems during installation
  • Forces Bluetooth adapters to work
  • Supports USB dongles and built-in devices


  • May not work on all devices
  • May not work on all Windows computers
  • Need to download Bluetooth Stack Switcher to switch between different installed stacks

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